05 May 2008

Christiaan Huyghens Revisited

My thanks to Attila for correcting me on the person of Christiaan Huyghens, I had mixed him up with his father Constantijn.


Anonymous said...

Dear Prof.,

I'd like to make you a pair of comments and questions.

-First of all I would like to show you my enthusiasm on your performances. I have found myself runnig over and over the pieces you have hung in youtube and I am absolutely astonished. What a musician you are!!

-I am also astonished with the incredible sound of the instruments by Keith Hill. He's also a genius!!

-I would like to study carefully the fantasy in C minor by C.P.E. Bach which you posted on the 17th of April but I cannot find no edition of it. May you perhaps help me giving me son Wq references and/or the name of the publisher? I would be so thankful.


A Spanish keyboardist.

Attila Farkas said...

Hah! Exactly! This is the famed LOCK-IN phenomenon! Thanks for the demonstration. I thought it was attributed to CHRISTIAN Huygens, who has discovered the synchronisation of two pendulums suspended on the beam of a ship at sea. The problem he wanted to solve was that of the determintion of Longitude. For this purpose, he has devised pendulum clocks that would keep time on a ship at sea, against all perturbations due to the movement of the ship. He also wrote a full-length book about these problems.